The Pro Loco associations are non-profit made up of volunteers who are committed to the promotion of the place, for the discovery and protection of local traditions, to improve the quality of life of its inhabitants, to enhance the products and the beauty of the territory. The Pro Loco organize events in the tourism cultural, historical and environmental, folklore, gastronomy, sports. They are a reference point for both inhabitants and visitors of a location. The number of Pro Loco existing in Italy in the last twenty years has more than doubled and continues to grow, showing with absolute clarity as to the Pro Loco is a successful model and convincing, not at all obsolete, even topical, able to meet the growing good will shown by the citizens to take direct action at the local level for the benefit of society and the defense of its most genuine values.

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Where to eat and sleep in Calestano

Restaurants, Farms and Hotels

Let groped by the pleasure of the table and by the genuine hospitality of our territory! A land of antique charm and the rich and tasty culinary tradition where the...

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